Terms and Conditions WS Orders AUS/NZ

  1. This order is consider a binding contract between supplier and buyer as long as the terms of delivery stated by the supplier are fulfilled and that the buyer can receive recommendation as good credit risk at customary credit reference.
  2. The contract can be cancelled only if both parties agree, or if the above is referred to. Changes in this order must be confirmed in writing to KAJA Clothing no more than 14 days after order placement.
  3. KAJA Clothing reserves the rights to, in the event of order cancellation or parts of order and/or business termination past these 14 days, claim a compensation of 50% of order value for additional cost.
  4. The buyer is obliged to, within 8 days of delivery; present other complaints on visible defects in writing. Concealed defects are to be treated by the buyer within 6 month of delivery.
  5. The buyer is obliged to, within 8 days of delivery; present other complaints in writing to KAJA Clothing such as wrong or missing goods or similar to be accepted.
  6. Credits are handled by the sales person/agent. A credit claim is not confirmed if a price sticker is left on the garment or on the hangtag. The sales person/agent decides what is considered credits.
  7. Stated prices are based on exchange rates at the time when our price list was set up. Reservations are made for the right to rise/change prices depending on changes in exchange rates from this occasion to the time of delivery or other possible measures such as changes in tax, customs duty or similar by Australian or foreign authorities.
  8. All prices given on order are without GST unless specified.
  9. Objections and counterclaims regarding invoice are to be reported to KAJA Clothing immediately upon delivery.
  10. Payment should, if not stated otherwise by KAJA Clothing, be done 30 days from invoice date.
  11. First order is strictly COD.
  12. Reservations are also made for the right to charge interest on accounts that exceed 60 days of 10% on payments
  13. The goods are considered the property of KAJA Clothing until fully paid for.
  14. Payments must be made either by cheque, cash, or direct deposit. Credit card payments for overdue accounts will incur a surcharge of 2%.
  15. Cheques returned unpaid will incur all bank fees.
  16. Overdue accounts will incur a fee of $50.00 per month.
  17. Accounts that exceed 60 days will be placed on hold until all monies owed to KAJA Clothing are paid in full.
  18. Accounts on hold are still required to pay for indented orders even after the delivery date has passed.
  19. Prices are subject to change without notification.
  20. Any claims in respect to invoices or goods shipped must be lodged with KAJA Clothing within 14 days of invoice date.
  21. If it should be necessary to return goods, prior return authority (RA) approval must be obtained from KAJA Clothing. All goods must be returned using the KAJA Clothing preferred Freight Company account. Goods returned must not be defaced in any way and packaging intact for a credit to be issued.
  22. Goods found to be faulty due to manufacturing defects will be credited or replaced subject to the following procedure; claims to be made within 14 days of invoice date. RA number and Original invoice number must be on paperwork.
  23. Freight will be charged on sales invoices and in all instances payable by applicant.
  24. Title to the goods described shall not pass to the buyer or any other part, until payment is made in full by the buyer, and received by KAJA Clothing.
  25. Indent orders cannot be changed or cancelled after 14 days of Order date.