Our Story

Swedish-born Helene is the woman behind KAJA Clothing. As the co-founder and one of the designers, her Scandinavian roots are often reflected in our collections.

The road towards KAJA Clothing began when Helene arrived in Australia to study back in 1999. She was immediately struck by the beauty of the land down under and its people, who on many ways, according to Helene are not too dissimilar to Swedes.

Whilst ending up rather far away from Sweden it wasn’t just Australia Helene had fallen in love with.

Shortly after arriving in Sydney she met her future husband and before permanently settling down in Australia, the couple also spent some time in the UK and in China. Upon returning to Australia the wife and husband team launched their first own Fashion-label Underwear of Sweden which was launched in 2006. The couple’s appetite for doing more fashion for the world had just begun and in 2007 the fashion duo also became distributors of 7 stylish Swedish fashion labels for the Australian market and this further spurred on serious plans of what was to become KAJA Clothing.

Through the vast Industry network that this couple have, Helene met with an inspirational Business owner and through their discussions together with Helene’s passion for design and customers - KAJA Clothing was born. They have worked passionately ahead with the whole KAJA team and are very glad to have brand representation in over 200 shops in both Australia and New Zealand and counting.