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Flourish in florals

Written by Helene Pilhage


Posted on October 20 2016

Spring time in Sweden was always a favourite time of year for me. The way it transformed the cities and parks and the countryside into a floral wonderland after such long, cold winters always seemed truly magical. Australian spring time was a different kind of revelation – yellow wattle and vivid red bottlebrush crowding my street and those September winds playing havoc with my allergies! As much as I have grown to love the unique beauty of the Australian native wild flowers, it’s the cottage bouquets of freesia, crocuses, poppies, tulips, bluebells, cornflowers, hyacinths, and roses – always roses – that I still adore and turn to for design inspiration. While floral prints may be perennially in bloom, it’s in the spring and summer collections that they can really flourish – whether it be a subtle flower motif in a lace panel, the simple curved line of an embroidered leaf around a neckline, or an all out abundance of gorgeous blossoms dancing across a frock.


Our rose print for this collection has a lovely antique feel to it which adds a little restraint to what might otherwise be a just too outrageously pretty print. There’s a charming vintage vibe to these blousy summer roses that lends itself to the addition of plaited leather belts, tan sandals or ankle boots, a denim jacket, jangly bangles or a wide-brimmed straw hat. It is ultra feminine but playful enough to take on a boho edge or a bit of rock chick chic.


I also look to Sweden for inspiration from the old decorative folk art practise of rosmålning or kurbitsmålning. It dates back to the 18th Century and has since has been transformed and reinvented many times over and, like so many traditional styles, has made its way into fashion and interior design (Pinterest is flooded with new versions of this old art form!) But the highly stylised ornamentation in often vivid colours remains a real feature of the art and I love the traditional decorative European touch it can add to a contemporary Australian beach garment.




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