Ask an Australian what they think of they hear the word Sweden and they usually launch into an amusing anecdote about how it took 10 days and 14 friends to assemble an Ikea chair! Or perhaps they reminisce fondly about reading Pippi Longstocking as a child. Ask me what I think when I hear the word Sweden and I say “home”. But then again, I have the same response when I hear the word Australia! More specifically, home is Sydney’s northern beaches. It seems a long way away from Karlstad but at least Sydney shares my birth town’s passion for coffee, if not for ice hockey!
Sydney has been home now for nearly 20 years and every day my husband, Jonas, and I are reminded of why we fell in love with this city and settled here – driving over the Spit Bridge on a crisp autumn morning, wandering down to Shelley Beach for a summer’s day dip with the kids, catching the ferry across that glorious harbor…. We are blessed.
To Sydney, via Sweden, in our underwear - well, sort of! Our story.

The story of Kaja began many years ago. We started out with a focus on underwear and have worked our way from the bottom up (excuse the pun!) to develop the Kaja Clothing brand which turns 2 this year. We wanted to develop a clothing line that utilised natural fabrics that felt beautiful and soft against the body and while prints do find a way into our collections, it is embroidery and lace that has been the decorative focus of the pieces. The subtle embellishments of beautiful cross stitching and fine needlework combined with delicate lace trims and inserts has meant that we can keep our designs true to the brand’s spirit of purity and simplicity while still embracing a sense of bohemian charm and whimsy. Kaja is about casual dressing that is easy, beautiful, and on trend, and brings an elegant European sensibility to a relaxed and breezy Australian beach style. We hope you enjoy it! 

We are so glad to have you along for the journey and look forward to introducing new elements to the Kaja brand over the coming months and years. We welcome your feedback so drop us a line anytime, and would love you to stay in touch via our newsletter.

Vi syns!

Helene & the Kaja team

Kaja bohemian top


April 28, 2015 — Helene Pilhage

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