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Spring is on the horizon

Written by Helene Pilhage


Posted on August 25 2016

This week I did something I haven’t done for a few months – I took off my shoes after my morning walk and went for a paddle along the beach! The sand was icy cold that early in the morning but the water felt beautiful against my skin and with the sun against my back and the first bunches of jonquils starting to appear at my flower market, I thought to myself “finally, spring is on the horizon”. I know there are many chilly nights to come before the jasmine starts to fill the air and I can go further than ankle-deep into the water, but it’s those first lovely hints of a shift in the days that mean I can start anticipating my favourite season and begin the process of lightening those winter layers and introducing new season elements into my wardrobe.


Like many others, I’m getting plenty of inspiration from Nina Proudman’s wardrobe on the current season of Offspring and love the way she (or at least that clever wardrobe department!) mixes feminine prints and soft floaty cuts with a more substantial scarf or jacket or boots to create a look that is wearable, comfortable, and gorgeous. In a market that seems obsessed with cropped lengths and exposed flesh, we love the way “Nina” incorporates longer length tunics and tops and plenty of long sleeves into her look.

Nina Proudman from Offspring Channel 10  Nina Proudman from Offspring Channel 10  Nina Proudman from Offspring Channel 10

I’ve always loved working with length for the Kaja collections and the new Spring collection is no exception. Whether it be a maxi skirt or a tunic-style shirt, longer lengths can be super flattering and versatile and give you lots to play with – tuck it in, wear it loose, belt it up, tie a knot, layer it!


There’s no doubt that trans-seasonal dressing can certainly be tricky. The days start chilly, warm up enough that you start contemplating your first swim of the season, then suddenly the temperature drops, the wind comes up and you don’t know whether to pack away you winter coats or keep them out for another few weeks! The key is to really enjoy that milder part of the day which calls for pretty details that don’t have to spend the whole time hiding under jumpers and coats. Sure, take a jacket and scarf, but switch up your palette to introduce white or change your dark burgundy nail polish for a crisp bright red. Sure, they are little things but they signal that move into the sweetest time of year that can just put that anticipatory spring in your step. A couple of my favourite pieces from the new Kaja spring collection are the Jacinta tunic and the Dawn top and yes, still I’m wearing them with a jacket or sweater but at least there’s a pretty glimpse of print or broderie or lace peaking through – just like the first buds of spring blossoms.


We can't wait to share the new collection with you. Watch this space!




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