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Getting merry!

Written by Helene Pilhage


Posted on December 15 2015

It’s that crazy time of year – sometimes I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, whether I’m having fun or just completely stressed out. The idea of attending Chrissy parties is both exciting (cocktails! friends! food!) and exhausting (cocktails! friends! food!). There are still presents to be got and wrapped, a tree to be decorated, a Christmas lunch to be prepared for a cast of thousands, work to be finished, kids to be entertained, in-laws to be managed... Phew. I’m worn out just thinking about it!

But the truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s a gorgeous time in Sydney – the city is at its festive, summery, sparkly best and I love seeing everyone out in their party frocks, having fun, looking lovely.

In many ways, it’s so much easier here in Sydney than it is at this time of year in Sweden. Yes, I miss the traditions of a European Christmas, but just going outside is a huge undertaking and often my favourite dress would spend most of the night covered in layers of coats and scarves! But here, you can just pop on a frock and off you go! At the very most, you’ll need a cardigan but with glorious days and balmy nights it’s all just such a pleasure!

I have a few Christmas drinks parties to go to this year. Some will require a bit of glam –black will be my go-to option – and some are more casual so I can get away with shorts and a gorgeous top. But for Christmas day, I like to keep it playful and pretty (and cool – the kitchen is like a furnace!) Either way, this season’s dresses are the perfect length for kicking up your heels without losing your modesty and for wrangling hors douvres in one hand and children in the other while still looking stylish. A few simple accessories complete the picture and viola, festive season style is sorted!




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