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White out

Written by Helene Pilhage


Posted on November 17 2015

I’m pretty sure that by now the secret is out that I’m a BIG fan of white. No surprises there, right. And white really comes into its own over the summer months – fresh and cool, it can be casual or smart, floaty or structured, relaxed or glamorous. Add embroidery details, a crochet hem or a lace insert and you’re all set for summer lovin’. But the thing is, I know that there are plenty of you out there who don’t share my all-consuming passion for white. And it’s true, white can be a little.... intimidating. It has a reputation for being rather unforgiving and a bit high maintenance. Fair enough. But I’m here to convert you! So invest in some Napisan and read on - you'll never look back! 

Neutrals and naturals are white’s best friends in summer. Think straw, wood, leather, metallics, rope i.e. a classic fedora, wooden beads, a plaited leather belt, an armful of jangly bangles, a pair of espadrilles. That way you can maintain the impact of your white frock but break up it up with complimentary texture and hue so you don’t feel like everyone’s shielding their eyes from you!

Naturals & neutrals are white's best friends

Swap you little black dress for a little white dress for summer nights! White is beautiful for evenings out and especially loves being paired with gold or silver for glam elegance. If precious metal is not your style but you still want the bling factor, go for bronze or copper accents and sequins or beading that catch the light.

White glam

 Black and white - need I say more? Was there ever a match more stylishly made? 

Black and white forever

No one ever said you can't mix white with your favourite pops of summer colour. Anchor your look with a stylish leather bag and sandals or a great pair of denim jeans so you don't just look like a pantone swatch sheet, then play as much as you like with vivid accents from your lipstick to your jewellery.

Colour popIf you're worried about looking like snow drift, just remember to introduce texture or layers into your outfit to break it up and add interest. Then, as with most looks that are new and a bit nerve wracking to debut, the best thing you can add is confidence. And if you don't have it, then do what I do and fake it til you make it! Shoulders back, a smile, a swing in your hips and in no time at all you'll working the white like a pro. 





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