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How to rock the dress over pants trend

Written by Helene Pilhage


Posted on June 07 2015

Feeling the chill? Yup – me too. Winter has definitely arrived. Cold mornings and dry skin aside, I do love the opportunity that these nippy days present for getting cosy under multiple layers. This is the best time of year to experiment and play with combining lengths, textures, patterns and prints and I do find myself returning to a favourite style each year – you know the one I mean! Yes, the dress-over-pants look! Sure, it’s given us a few sartorial cringes over the years, but what recurring trend hasn’t? With a little creativity and a dash of styling know-how, this is one of the most versatile ways to make the most of your winter wardrobe. And it ticks our two essential fashion check boxes: comfortable and stylish!

I could rehash a whole set of "guidelines" for how to master this look, but the fact is, like with most styles, the best thing you can do is experiment, play, and trust your instincts. What I can do is bust a few myths about the look and give you some inspiration. Ok, here goes!

Myth - you have to be tall and thin to carry this look off. No, no, no! One of the things I most love about the dress-over-pants look is how versatile it is. Short and curvy? Notch up the length a bit and cinch the waist with a cute belt. Gorgeously plus-sized? Throw a long length v-neck tunic over your favourite jeans to show off a lovely decolletage or fine ankles and forget worrying about your hips, tum or bum.Tall and lean - try pintuck detailing and smart tailoring for a sleek look. Pregnant? Take a page out of Gwen Stefani's uber cool book and go all rock 'n' roll with your maternity wear!

Myth - didn't we say goodbye to this trend in the 90s? Well if we did it was only for a minute or two! And it returned better than ever! Street style bloggers, high fashion designers, and celebrities have taken back this much maligned trend over the last few years and made it very much the desirable look du jour

Inspiration - If the 90s makes you shudder, head back in time to the 1960s and 70s for these gorgeously sleek and glamorous incarnations of the look.

Inspiration - we are all about versatility here at Kaja and the tunic and dress over pants style is one of my personal favs because it takes me so easily from school drop offs, to design studio, to date night and back again. Kaja team member, Tess, braved icy temperatures in Sydney today to give us some ideas about how to incorporate your favourite Kaja pieces into this great everyday style.



And finally, if all that wasn't enough.... it's good enough for Michelle Obama! Enough said!

Pics from top left: Queen Latifah,, Yasmin Sewell, Gwen Stefani,, Sarah Jessica Parker, Street Style, Rebecca Taylor, Vintage Dior, Vogue 1978, Kaja Clothing, Michelle Obama




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