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How to wear necklaces in winter

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Posted on June 21 2016

Some days it’s just so chilly that all you want to be is warm. Concerns about style come second to the driving need to be cosy. You throw on as many layers as you can, put a big scarf around your neck and throw a coat over the whole lot in order to brave the wintry air. I totally get it. But I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to add a just a little touch of chic to even the most utilitarian of cold weather outfits is to add a simple but striking necklace. Fine chains and pretty pendants can get lost in all those woolly layers. But something a bit bolder can be just the thing to take your winter look up a notch.

I’m excited this season that Kaja has introduced a selection of necklaces to its range of accessories and we are getting great feedback from even the most accessory-resistant customers that they are a super easy, super stylish way to add the finishing touch to a look.

Try wearing one of the long Miranda necklaces over a knit top with a circle scarf around the neck. The length of the necklace means it won’t get lost under the scarf and its proportions make it the perfect addition to winter-weight clothing.

Scarf & necklace inspo

Image via Pinterest

Kaja's Miranda necklace

If you’re forgoing the scarf for a turtle neck knit, try a shorter length piece, like the Nellie necklace, to add a little drama to your look. A shorter necklace also pairs well with a high neckline or with a crisp white shirt.

Short necklace inspo

Image via Pinterest

Another good tip to keep in mind while you're piling on the layers - don't be afraid of colour! If your clothes are fifty shades of grey, then use your necklace as an opportunity to add a vivid pop of colour.

As you know, white is one of my favourite colours to wear all year round and I'm a firm believer that pale colours don't have to be stuffed to the back of the closet as soon as the temperatures drops. One of our best-selling necklaces has been the Miranda in the pale grey green - paired with white it makes for a beautifully fresh and crisp take on winter styling. 

So sure, stay cosy, keep warm, layer up. But just take that extra moment to pop on some beads or a chunky bangle. It will add texture and interest to your outfit and will stop you from getting the bored winter fashion blues!



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